Wedding in Turkey

The nation where Asia and Europe are a couple

Home to Palaeolithic inhabitants and various ancient Anatolian civilisations, Turkey is a nation where history speaks the language of assimilation. Nestled in a cradle where Asia and Europe meet, it gives the country a unique personality, visible in all its glory in Istanbul. Quaint, ancient mosques with great domes stand together with grand churches here, all of them witness to the progressive Eurasian culture of this great city. Being here is like a beautiful education about the greatness of the human race.

If you are a couple seeking a place that is exotic, has an old world charm and a new age mind, Turkey is where you should be for your wedding. Forever Wedding will turn your special day into joyride through great European design, flowers, and cuisine that wins palates and hearts with its charming Turkish flair.

And the after party? Let us tell you this much: Istanbul is home to great music and some of the worlds best DJs. It hosts the best parties in Europe. And we will ensure your wedding party remains a dance you will never forget.

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